Andros _____

Andros is the second biggest island of the Cyclades and one of the closest to Athens. It is mountainous and well known for its beaches and hiking paths. Only two hours away from Athens, is one of the most popular weekend destinations. Featuring a great naval tradition she has a magical combination of landscapes from sandy beaches to mountainous sceneries. Explore the mesmerising beauty in one of our holiday villas in Andros and get Cycladic inspiration.

Aditiionally, wander through the picturesque alleys of its beautiful town with the white stoned neoclassical houses. Furthermore, it is one of the most adorable maritime villages of the Aegean. There you will find the main square and the statue of the unknown soldier. On top of that, there is a Frankish castle on an islet connected to the main island with an arched stone bridge of the 13th century. So, enjoy your summer by booking our luxury villas in Andros and consult our villa experts for the most updated travel guide.

Enjoy the seductive beaches of Andros and the small villages located in the heart of the island. There you will find cobblestoned alleys, castles, waterfalls and the famous springs of Sariza. In addition, Andros is definitely worth a visit since it is a cultural tourism destination, thanks to its museums. The globally acknowledged Museum of Modern Art features unique collections of paintings and sculptures.

Though many will think that Andros is not a place which can combine holidays for families and group of friends, this is not true. Either you are a nature lover who wants to find tranquillity during his holidays or you love spending quality time with your family and friends, Andros features villas for every style. Trust our villa experts who knows how to find the best solution according to your needs and preferences.