Astypalaia _____

Many of the Dodecanese islands were called by the Ancient Greeks with nicknames that were illustrative of each island’s particularities. Astypalaea was known as “the bank of the Gods”; a nickname that can tell quite a lot on how appealing this blessed small piece of land has always been. Choose among our divine selection of Astypalaia Villas. This island is an alternative and a romantic destination in the map of the Greek islands. Enjoy your dinner overlooking the Venetian Castle, visit Chora and the amazing Livadi beach! Contact us and let us create tailor made holidays.

Astypalaia is an island of significant historical heritage, wonderful traditional images, unparalleled natural beauty and home to very hospitable islanders. With its greatly praised castle towering the picturesque Chora (City), one of the most beautiful island towns in the Aegean, its 365 churches and monasteries that are dispersed all over its surface, its sandy beaches and sleek landscape.

Astypalaia – or Astropalia as the locals call their island in their own dialect – is a lovely island that you will never forget. The island clusters of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, each of which have their own identifying characteristics, meet in Astypalaia Island to create a unique result. Once upon a time the castle of Astypalaia had a key that was used to lock the island’s belles in and out of the reach of visitors. Now-days on the other hand Astypalaia Island is wide open and shows its beauties as its inhabitants are welcoming to visitors who soon became friends and will come again!