Crete _____

Crete is a unique island which has distinctive differences from other Greek islands, not only because of its size and geomorphology since it is the largest island in Greece but also for the numerous options that gives to its visitors. Mr Villas offers also an unlimited options of luxury villas in Crete which will make your stay unforgettable!

Crete is divided in four regional units. Heraklion, which is the largest city on Crete, the picturesque Chania, the amazing Rethymno and the beautiful Lasithi. Each region consists a mixture of cultures and experiences. Different civilizations have passed through the times through them. You will find some of the most popular beaches worldwide, famous gorges and mountains.

When it comes to Crete, the seductive beaches, the ancient treasures, the local cuisine are only few of the aspects that get into our mind. Organized or secluded, sandy or pebbled all beaches are worth visiting. But what also makes this island unique is the locals who share the spirit of hospitality and their traditions. Hospitality is a value that Greeks and especially Cretans have in their bloods. It is value that can not be transmitted but only learned from the day you are born.

Furthermore, the local cuisine is truly exceptional! Enjoy the simplicity that Mediterranean diet has to offer. Learn the secrets from the locals. If you are a nature lover do not forget to pay a visit to a winery and learn how Cretans make their worldwide famous ”Raki”!

They say that in order to truly enjoy your holidays you have to live the locals’ life! Stroll around the alleys of its capital, visit monuments and get inspiration by the Venetian influence and the Minoan civilization. Choose among our great variety of private villas in Crete and live an unforgettable summer with your family and friends. An island perfect for any type of holidaymaker! See our variety of villas for every need! Either you are looking for yoga retreats, cosmopolitan villas, secluded with total privacy or villas to host your wedding day we feature options perfect for any style.