Ios _____

Ios is a small Greek island, located in the Cyclades Complex and has hidden secrets which wait for you to be revealed. See our collection of luxury villas in Ios and let the island reveal to you its beauty. Upon reaching the island, the view is enchanting. You will face the picturesque Hora lying very close to the harbor and on the top of the hill there are ruins of a medieval castle.

Ios’s traditional villages are one of the finest examples of Cycladic architecture. White washed houses and beautiful alleys as well as the twelve windmills and churches create a unique residential area. Stroll around the town and spend your time with your loved ones creating memories that will last for a lifetime. You have definitely heard that Ios is the island for parties but except that it has many hidden beauties. Explore the amazing beaches that this island has to offer and immerse yourself in the Greek sun. If you are a group of friends looking for party Ios is the place.

However, that’s the one part of the island! The other is for those who need and seek peace and quiet! Visit traditional restaurants and taverns and taste authentic Greek food. Find the best spot to watch the amazing sunrises and sunsets! Another unique characteristic of Ios, is that it has 365 churches! The most important is the one of Panayia Gremiotissa, standing on Horas highest spot affording an amazing view of the open sea.

Enjoy your Greek holidays in one of our luxury villas in Ios and combine them with sailing. Contemplate captivating views as you relax in your private pool villa right on the beach. Start each morning by taking breakfast in your private garden and let your kids play and enjoy all these things that Ios has to offer!