Lesvos _____

Lesvos also known as Mytilene after its capital, is a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. It is the third largest island in Greece behind Crete and Evia. Browse our Lesvos Villas and spend your luxury villa holidays in ultimate relaxation. It is also, the homeland of the famous ancient poets Sappho and Alkaios.

The amazing island of Lesvos, famous for the lush vegetation is like no other Greek island. It is the perfect place to visit for people who want to experience the real Greece. For the Greek Island traveler who is worried about not having enough to do, Lesvos is the perfect destination with seductive beaches, amazing food, the famous ouzo, pine and hardwood forests and over a million olive trees.

Furthermore, discover Lesvos Gastronomy while enjoying the privacy of your villa. Cook with the private chef and use ingredients you have handpicked from the garden! Learn traditional recipes and take them back to your home! In addition, pay a visit to the petrified forest, a preserved natural monument since 1985. Pay a visit to the town of Lesvos, where you can admire the traditional houses coexisting harmonically with neoclassic mansions and Byzantine temples. Trust our concierge team and let us organize an tour at an ouzo distillery. Enjoy your ouzo by the sea while watching the sunsets.

Featuring a Mediterranean climate you can stroll around the charming traditional villages. Molyvos is one of the most beautiful places you have ever been. You can walk around the cute shops and the picturesque alleys of its impressive castle. The island is ideal for a family or group of friends looking to enjoy a serene summer experience in combination with a real food journey.