Santorini _____

Santorini is worldwide known and draw dropping island of the Cyclades. Known for its wild and unique beauty and its volcano. Browse our selection of available Santorini villas to rent. Its undoubtedly the most extraordinary island in the Aegean, making the perfect setting for honeymooners and romantic couples!

Enjoy the sensational sunsets from Oia and the dazzling white towns. The island will definitely leave you speechless from her breath-taking beauty and the impressive imageries. Choose among our great variety of holiday villas in Santorini and live an unforgettable summer.

In addition, nothing boasts its view and is a feast for the eyes. The town of Fira is the capital of Santorini offering panoramic views to the volcano. Fira has the traditional Cycladic architecture with white houses and picturesque alleys. Around every corner you’ll find a new view, new colours to fall in love with and fresh cobbled streets to explore. Also, it has a rich history and for the elegant architecture of Chora and the fabulous Caldera view.

Furthermore, the volcano of Santorini was erupted in 1.650 BC which is considered to be one of the largest eruptions in the last 10.000 years. The world wide known Caldera of Santorini is one of the most stunning natural beauties on planet. The volcanic explosion that took place 3.500 years ago resulted in the alteration of the topography of the Mediterranean.

Megalochori village is very beautiful and you will have the chance to taste and meet the wines of Santorini. Additionally, plan a wine tasting at the wineries and visit the thermal springs on the beaches of Plaka. Taste the unique traditional recipes and leave the place with the best memories. Santorini is a beautiful destination for summer. Enjoy the privacy of your villa perching at the edge of Caldera. Also, watch the famous sunset while having dinner at your private terrace. Dive into luxury with Mr Villas!