Sifnos _____

Sifnos definitely ranks as one of the best destinations in the Aegean. One of the most traditional islands in the Cyclades, it is home to long beaches, picturesque churches, great stoned alleys, pottery tradition and exquisite cuisine. As many say, it is the island of flavours and the birthplace of famous Greek poets and award winning chefs. Choose your favourite residence among our Sifnos villas collection. Relax by the private pool and contemplate the unique colours of Aegean Sunsets.

In addition, you will find face unparallel elegance in every corner of the island. The magical capital of Sifnos is Apollonia which is also called Stavri. At the west there is the port, Kamares. To the north of Apollonia there is Artemonas, a gem of Sifnos with mansions of neoclassical style, with gardens and yards full of flowers, while to the east, Kastro, the ancient capital, will fascinate you with its architecture!

Furthermore, every trip in Greece is also a journey through the Mediterranean gastronomy. Every island in Greece has its own signature food. Sifnos is the homeland of the great cook Nikos Tselemendes, and it has a delicious cuisine based on simplicity and freshness. Don’t leave the island without tasting the best sweets and recipes. We can arrange private cooking lessons for you if you want to take the recipes back home.

The beaches are very clean with crystal clear blue waters and make the island appropriate destination for those seeking snorkelling. Sifnos, also features lots of trekking paths make the island a paradise for hiking. Let our concierge team organize for you guided tours and explore the island. The island is not known only for its natural beauties, but also for its famous pottery art. Don’t miss this fascinating island since it is the gem of Cyclades. Rent your luxury villa with private pool and have the time of your life!